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Web and Mail Services

If you wish to put your business on the Internet make use of our hosting plan. You need have no concern over web space, we can provide all you need.

Apache 2.0 Our hosting plan covers the HTTP service running on an Apache web server for the number of domains you require. Included features are PHP 5 and mySQL or PostgreSQL database. Password protected areas also may be created. Perhaps we can give you a helping hand setting up your own web shop on the Internet or maybe you would like to inform your customers with periodic email newsletters?

If you are looking for a provider, enabling your email traffic (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP), then stop searching, because you have found what you are looking for. The size of your POP3 mailbox is negotiable thereby.

Perhaps you have registered your own Internet domain and are still looking for a secondary DNS server resolving your domain? Simply contact us, we will serve it with the appropriate A, MX and PTR records.

By the way, we exclusively work with our own server hardware on our site.