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Server Setup

Whenever a computer offers a service to other computers on the network, that computer acts as server, in contrast to a client, which only uses the services of a server. Since a server plays a central role in a computer network, its software and hardware have to conform to special requirements.

Penguin verdrahtet.net installs a server based on Linux, providing a robust and highly reliable server solution. Linux is an "open source" operating system, therefore you pay neither fees for the server license nor for client access licenses as with other server operating systems. Your Linux server is highly versatile and can be upgraded following increased requirements later too. In addition you have the certainty with a Linux server that the risk of your server becoming infected with a computer virus is substantially reduced, because updates and security fixes for the Linux operating system are sequentially published.

After the installation of the individually manufactured server on your site your co-workers will be briefed on running this server. Also we offer a maintenance service for the supplied software and hardware.