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Resale & Distribution

As verdrahtet.net extends its IT service business model through the resale and distribution sector, we are actively seeking leading edge software companies overseas who wish to develop an European market for their products.

If you are looking for a partner to cooperate within the German market, we may be able to conclude an agreement for common businesses with shared interests. Depending on how your company operates, such a cooperation may result in a resale or distribution arrangement.

Resale and distribution both have the potential to pay off in a win-win strategy. As your local reseller we would purchase your software products at retail prices and resell them by our means and at our prices in the local market. verdrahtet.net would act as your customer enlarging the market for your products.

Distribution means that verdrahtet.net would act as your local agent selling or even supporting your software to local customers or third-party resellers. This could also include the localization of the software or of your marketing materials. Your company could count on a reliable partner in the German market and verdrahtet.net could benefit from a long term relationship with your company.

Contact us to discuss further.