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Print services

In your office you naturally print on one or more printers. However with an ink jet printer you certainly will not want to print high-volume jobs, since the low purchase price for such a printer is more than counterbalanced by the high price of the printer supplies. Thus printing a page of format A4 containing normal text costs at least 3 cents. Depending on the volume of a print job even the expenses for printing on a laser printer can be undercut by other reproduction technologies.

GR3770 verdrahtet.net wants to act as your partner for print services, in particular when printing jobs, which are not your daily business. Perhaps you wish to print a mass mailing for your customers or a promotion flyer? We can certainly help you with a low-cost solution. Send us your digital print job and we will return hard copy as soon as possible to your site.

For printing large runs of short jobs for instance we use a digital printer-duplicator. Available print colors are black and/or blue on a broad range of media up to format A3.