wired for a networked world

Network Installation

We offer network cabling based on Cat.5e copper cables enabling data transfer rates from 100 Mbps (100Base-TX) up to 1 Gbps (1000Base-T). Cross-linking of several rooms of a building means, that it is necessary to thread the cables through walls or ceilings, the cables always terminating in such a case in modular wallplates. Such a network is fast, reliable, and in the case of 100Base-TX, low-priced.

Where cabling is difficult or impossible a wireless radio connection (WLAN) with data transfer rates up to 54 Mbps may be the solution. The quality of a WLAN connection depends strongly on the material and thickness of the walls and ceilings the radio signals have to get through as well as on the distance to the next WLAN access point itself. Security concerns such as sniffing on the network traffic may become an issue in an unencrypted WLAN. On the other hand, a WLAN connection is setup in most cases very quickly.

Where a WLAN cannot be setup due to environmental reasons, then a connection using the current electricity network (PLC) may be the favored choice. The current HomePlug standard allows for effective speeds from 5-8 Mbps up to 19 Mbps, depending on the distances within the electric circuit and the number of devices attached to it. The next electric meter terminates the PLC network. Interference with shortwave radio transmissions may occur!

Of course we connect your local area network to the Internet by ADSL too. In all these cases we can also make your local USB printer available on the network (only with PCL or PostScript printers).